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By passing a Green New Deal for Maine, we can ensure that the shift to a low-carbon economy benefits all residents fairly and equitably. Your voice will make a difference! This short guide will walk you through everything you need to prepare for contacting your legislators.

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You can submit written testimony to Energy, Utilities, and Technology Committee members by clicking here.

You can also contact your State Senator by clicking here and your State Representative by clicking here.

What this bill does:

This bill calls on Maine to move to 80% renewable energy electricity generation by 2040, supports solar power for schools to reduce costs, and creates a Task Force for a Green New Deal that focuses on economic growth, job growth, and renewable energy growth. It establishes the Commission on a Just Transition to ensure that the shift to a low-carbon economy benefits all residents fairly and equitably. You can find the full bill text at

Here are the key messages to reinforce:

  • This bill emerged directly from conversations in rural Maine and reflects the urgent need for economic renewal in our rural state.
  • Climate change is striking not just at the heart of Maine’s resource-based economy but at the very ways that we live our lives.
  • While the facts of climate science require a transition to renewable energy, the question for our state is: how do we ensure that this transition is fair and equitable for all while creating economic opportunity?
  • Mainers need good jobs and growing industries. This is an economic growth bill.
  • A Maine Green New Deal is about leaving no Mainer behind. It’s making sure that we have a future as a state and that we’ll all make it there together.
  • The Maine Green New Deal brings youth voices into the political process. It’s young people’s voices nationwide that have brought the climate crisis to the forefront. We are doing the same thing here in Maine.
  • The Maine Green New Deal was crafted with deep involvement from the labor community. We are the first Green New Deal bill in the country to be endorsed by a state AFL-CIO affiliate (Maine AFL-CIO).
  • This bill is fundamentally different from the one in DC. It is targeted legislation, not a broad resolution. It is born and bred in rural working Maine.
  • The economy and the environment are intertwined in Maine. Climate policy should reflect this.
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